Sunday, December 15, 2013

Service Project

For our service project we participated in our Ward’s “Angel Tree” program. After picking two ornaments off of the tree, we sat down with the kids and talked to them about service, and how helping others is like giving a gift to the Savior. We showed them the little angel ornaments and talked to them about how some children don’t have all the things they need.
One of the angels was for a 5 year old boy who needed a coat, and the other was for a 4 year old girl that needed a shirt. The kids were shocked to learn that some children don’t even have coats, or all the clothing they need. It really helped them connect with these two little kids, and they were very anxious to help!
We took the kids to Target to pick out a coat and shirt for the two children. They had fun looking at the different coats and shirts, and deciding which ones would be good to give to the kids.
When we got home, we wrapped the gifts together and then took them to church. I think the kids learned a lot about service and why it’s important to help others. I loved watching their excitement throughout the whole processthey were very happy to be able to help!

I’m grateful for these experiences we have with our children, and I know that one of the best gifts we can give the Savior is to serve others!

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