Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is finally here! I love seeing how excited the kids get about Christmas. Being parent is so much fun!
This afternoon we went over to my Grandpa's house for our Christmas Eve party. Grandpa and Grandma Riley gave all the kids their own little bean bag. They were all so excited when they opened them. They all just loved them! Such a perfect gift for the kids! 
It was fun seeing our family! After the party we went over to my parent's house so that the kids could open one gift from my parents, and also so we could give each other our sibling gifts.
The kids were so excited to open their gifts from grandma and grandpa. They each got a pair of jammies, and some hot chocolate and a mug. They couldn't wait to put on their jammies and watch the movie when we got home!
After the kids opened their gifts, we surprised Mom and Dad with a couple gifts we went in together on. We got Mom a gift card to Salt Lake Running Company so she could buy a new pair of running shoes. And we got Dad the extended version of The Hobbit. At that time I also gave them the booklet I made about our family service project that we did. The kids liked showing grandpa the pictures and telling him all about what we did.

After we got home the kids immediately put on their jammies they got from grandma and grandpa. They took their new bean bags downstairs and they watched the new Home Alone move that grandma got them. 

We made some cookies for Santa later that evening, and then Casey read them the story of Christ's birth. I just love my family!

Grandma and Grandpa with their cute Grandbabies!

Momma with her gift card to Salt Lake Running Company! I'm excited to see what shoes she gets!

Papa and Allie. I want to watch the extended edition of the Hobbit!

My Love and my baby princess!

I love my family!

We had fun making cookies for Santa!

There's nothing like Christmas Eve!

Watching a movie on their new bean bags. The kids love them!

Listening to Daddy reading them the story of Christ's birth.

Suki was excited for Christmas, too!

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