Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kitty Nursery

Suki is about to have her kittens any day now! We are so excited! On Thursday I cleaned out the kids toy room and turned it into a kitty nursery. I made Suki a bed out of a cardboard box and put some towels and blankets inside. She has been sleeping in it, and so I hope she will have the kittens in there. I also gave Suki a bath...she did a really good job! She was so dirty from being outside, but now she smells good and has soft, silky fur again. 

The kids are so excited about the kittens. I love seeing their eyes light up when we talk about them! It's been a great learning experience for them, too. They understand that it's a lot of work taking care of animals, but they are excited to help out. We are having a little contest to see who can guess how many kittens Suki will have. Here are our guesses.
Casey: 3
Missy: 5
Riley: 4
Cooper: 100
Ryan: 3

So, I'm not sure when Suki will have the babies, but I think it will be any day now. I can't wait to see how many she will have, and what they will look like. I'm hoping to keep one of them for our family and give the others to family and friends. I really want a kitten with orange and white fur and blue eyes, but I'm sure they will be precious no matter what they look like! :)

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