Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Birthday, Ryan!! ♥

  Happy Birthday, Ryan!!

Some of Ryan's Favorites:

ColorBlue and Red
Animal:  Panda
Movie:  Beyblades
Season: Summer
Place:  Jump N Bounce
Toy:  3DS
Food:  Chicken Nuggets and Mac N Cheese
Treat:  Milky Way
Thing to do:   Play The Legend of Zelda games!

Ryan's birthday party isn't until Monday, and so we wanted to do something fun today! My mom is amazing and invited Ryan and all his cousins to Jungle Jims for his birthday! They had so much fun! Kendall was so cute and loved going on all the rides. She even went on the roller coster with me! They also had fun playing the arcade games. We earned enough tickets for the kids to pick a few things and the prize counter. Thanks, Momma, for making Ryan's birthday so much fun!

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