Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Family Night

Last night for family night we went to Scheels. When we got there, there was a guy cleaning inside the fish tank. He was giving the kids fist bumps through the glass. I should have taken a picture! The kids thought that was pretty cool!
Kendall really liked watching all the fish swimming around in the tank. While the kids were watching the fish Casey went and bought some tokens for the Ferris wheel. Kendall was too small to ride, and so I went first with Riley, and then the boys went after us. Poor Kendall kept asking when her turn was, but there were a lot of other things to see at the store and so I don't think she was too sad.
We looked at the animals, and then we tried to find a medicine ball for our p90x workout, but we didn't find one we liked. We also tried to find Casey some new shoes, but no luck there either. Before we left, we saw a little playground area for the kids and so we let them play for a little while. I think they had a good time...but they were pretty cranky on the way home, haha! :)

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