Friday, August 30, 2013

Little Ninja

 So I just found Cooper at our neighbors house after I told him he couldn't play outside in the front yard. My garage was locked and I had the chain on the front door. I couldn't figure out how he had gotten out of our fenced backyard. When I asked him he just said, "I closed my eyes and I got there". Haha! Nice, Coops! I took him back outside and walked him over to the fence and asked him how he got out. He said that he climbed over the fence...I was thinking "yeah right!" (he is seriously only 3 feet tall). So I get close to the fence and I see little hand marks at the top...he really did climb over it! I asked him to show me how he did it and he climbed to the top like a little ninja! Oh, man! I'm in trouble!!

Little Ninja hand prints!

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