Tuesday, June 24, 2014


This is how things looked at our house at 4:38 today. The kids had finished their homework and were relaxing, and I was getting dinner ready. I like quiet moments like this! :)

On Thursday I had a scar revision surgery to fix some scars that had healed weird. The first few days of recovery were more painful than I thought, but I'm starting to feel a lot better. Today I went in to the Dr's office to get my stitches out. I brought Cooper and Kendall since this would only be a 10 minute appt. Kendall was so scared to go into the room! She kept on saying "I scared. I scared!". It was so sad! The nurse got her and Cooper a sucker and she was fine after that, haha! It feels good to have my stitches out and hopefully everything will heal right so I won't have to go in anymore...although I really don't think I would go back.

I'm going to do the "Read With Me" challenge. Basically we will be reading the Book of Mormon before General Conference in October...about 5.5 pages a day. I've never done this challenge before, and so I'm excited to be participating this year! If you'd like to join me visit http://readwithme2014.blogspot.com/

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