Saturday, October 19, 2013

Potter Run!

 As soon as I heard about this race I knew I wanted to do it! Harry Potter + Running = Awesome! Riley was also really excited about the race. We have been running together for a while now and so she was really looking forward to doing another 5k.

The race was ok, but it was really cold! Riley had a hard time running because of how cold she was. She ran a lap with me, decided to join the rest of the family on the sidelines. It was fun seeing everyone dressed up, but hopefully next year the race organizer will pick a different location for the race. It was at Veteran's Memorial Park, but we basically just ran 5 laps around the park! It was still fun to get out and run! The kids were cold, but once the sun came up it wasn't too bad. They had a good time playing on the "castle playground" for a while, and then we took some pictures with Dumbledore, Harry Potter, and Snape.

 My cute cheering section! I loved having the whole family there!

Riley and me running our first was cold!

Mischief Managed! I hope that we will be able to run may more races together. I love my sweet girl!

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