Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Today I was inside doing dishes and watching Kendall play outside in the backyard. She started watching something moving on the grass and when I looked I saw this little brown animal...and Kendall was headed right for it! I hurried and grabbed an empty box and ran outside. Kendall was about the touch the little animal so I hurried over their and saw the little thing sitting on his bum eating a dandelion with his little hands. I scooped him up (he just sat there and didn't try to run!) and I took him inside.

 I didn't know what kind of animal he was, so I posted a picture of him on facebook. I eventually found out that he is a pocket gopher. Cooper and Kendall loved him. They had so much fun looking at him. We gave some some was so cute to watch him pick up the food with is little hands and nibble! Cooper decided that we should name him Billy. He was starting to grow on me now...he was actually pretty adorable. I even petted him a little (not the smartest thing, I know...but I was careful!). He was really soft!
 I wasn't sure what I should do with him...some people suggested that I call animal control, or someone ever suggested some less humane ways to deal with him, haha!

I ended up putting Billy in a old plastic lunch box because he was starting to make a hole in the cardboard box I had him in. I gave him some more food and I loaded up Cooper and Kendall so we could go and pick up Riley and Ryan from school. As soon as the older two kids got on the car, Cooper excitedly told them about Billy. I showed them a picture of him, and they couldn't wait to get home and meet him!

Riley and Ryan were so excited to see him. They asked me if we could keep him, but I had to tell them we would be finding Billy a new home soon. The kids watched Billy for a while, and when Casey got home we decided to take Billy to his new home. We drove out to some fields, away from the houses, and I let Billy go to find a new home. The kids waved goodbye to Billy as we drove off. I think they will always remember our little pet gopher that we had for a day!

We'll miss you, Billy! :)

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