Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cooper and Ethan's Lord of the Rings Birthday Party!

Cooper and Ethan's Birthday party was pretty awesome!! We had a Hobbit/Lord of the Rings theme. Mom and Mal were so amazing in helping plan this. It turned out great! :) 

Nice day for a party!

 Because we're cool like that (or geeky!)

 Getting ready for an adventure!

 The cute birthday boys!

Izzi is ready to fight some bad guys! 

Listening to Aunt Mal tell them about the adventure they are about to go on! Allie is excited!

Ready to fight some orcs! 

Bean bag toss--Knock over the orcs! 

Capture the orcs 

Kendall liked to help!

Someone is a dirty fighter! 

Fighting the orcs! 

Entering Shelob's Lair!! Scary!!

Down in Shelob's Lair getting ready to fight! 

 The spiders are attacking (with silly string)--the kids were screaming so loud, hehe

R.I.P Shelob

Mal telling the kids about their last task: getting past the Eye of Sauron and throwing the rings into the flames of Mt Doom!! 

hehe, yes we are super nerdy...and we love it!

Climbing Mt Doom and trying to get past the Eye of Sauron!! 

The kids tossed the rings into Mt. Doom and saved the day!

Mom made the eye of lights up and everything! She's awesome!  

The new kings of Gondor getting ready to receive their gifts

Grandma and Grandpa with all the hero's after their fun adventure! 

Party food from Middle Earth:

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